What is My Library?

My Library is a tab at the top of the page after you login. Inside are all the items created for you or by that you have personalized. For example:

1. My Programs. If you have started a program or series then your progress will be saved in this section. To continue a program or series simply select from this page

2. My Playlists. Selecting this will open your playlists dashboard. From here you can see all the playlists you have created, any that you are following and the option to create a new playlist

3. My Favorites. After you select a class as a favorite ( the heart icon) they will get added to this page. You can un-favorite classes from here as well

4. Classes I've Taken. After a few minutes of watching any class it will automatically be added to this page. Super helpful to see what you have watched all in one place 

5. Watchlist. This is a page that will display any class that you have selected using the "+" icon from any class and added to your 'Watchlist'. This can be used any way you like but can be used like a queue or a place to add classes you want to watch next etc..

6. My Workout Plan. Your customized workout plan can be accessed from this page. If you do not have a plan active then this will show you the page where you can start a new plan

7.vMy Account. Click here to go to your account page. Here is where you can add information to your profile such as a photo, download and customize an invoice, manage a listing in our directory, see and download any CEC's you have completed as well as a bunch of other items related to your subscription and billing

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