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How To watch Pilatesology with your Amazon Fire Stick

Pilatesology does not have a dedicated channel or app in Firestick ( coming soon!) However, All Amazon Fire TV devices support web browsers in one form or another. Amazon Silk is the most popular web browser app with Fire TV Stick users as it’s an Amazon product and is designed specifically for use with the Fire TV Stick remote.

How Do I Install Silk Browser on Fire Stick?

Because the Silk web browser is a first-party Amazon app, it may already be on your Fire TV Stick. Turn on your Fire TV Stick and select Settings > Apps to see if Amazon Silk is on the list of all your installed apps.

You can also say “Alexa, open Amazon Silk” to open Silk if it’s installed.

If Silk hasn’t yet been installed, you can download it from the app store on your Fire TV Stick or via the Amazon website, just like any other app.

How Do I Browse the Internet on Fire Stick?

To surf the internet on your Fire TV Stick, all you need to do is install a web browser app like Amazon Silk. Once the web browser has been installed, open it as you would any other app and use your Fire TV Stick remote to input website addresses, select links, and scroll web pages.

Here are some quick tips for using the internet on your Fire TV Stick.

  • Use the large ring on your Fire Stick remote to scroll up and down and select buttons and links. Web browser navigation works the same as the main Fire TV Stick menu.
  • Use the circle button in the middle of the remote’s ring to select a link. You can also use this button to choose web browser menu items.
  • Press the Menu button and select the Bookmark icon to add a web page to your bookmarks. The Menu button is the one with the three horizontal lines.
  • You can use Alexa while browsing. Say “Alexa, scroll (right/left/up/down)” to navigate web pages and “Alexa, select” to select content.
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