I'm having trouble streaming my workouts. Can you help me troubleshoot?

In a place with no WiFi?

Use our mobile app to download videos & play them offline without phone or internet service.

  • Check to see if there are any updates available on your browser and update if you can.  Click here to update your browser.
  • Try switching browsers (ex. from Safari to Chrome). 
  • Close all opened tabs or screens such as email, music etc.. These compete for your bandwidth.
  • Change the resolution of your video to 360p. (The lower the resolution, the less connection speed required) You can find this option in the bottom right corner of all videos. Click the 'Gear' icon and select Quality. 

Still Having issues? See below for more fixes.

If nothing helps, please contact us with notes on what device & software you're using.

  • Restart your computer..
  • Restart your WiFi router.
  • Update your device's software.
  • Try switching to a different device.
  • Turn off your WiFi altogether and use mobile service. Sometimes fluctuations in WiFi can cause streaming issues.  
  • Try switching locations (ex. different rooms in your home or even a friends house). 
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