How do I switch between PayPal and a credit card?

Switching between a credit card on file to PayPal or from PayPal to a credit card is simple. They both follow the exact same steps below.

  1. Login and head to your account page or click HERE
  2. Click the "Subscriptions" option at top
  3. Click the "Cancel" option in the right column of your subscription. Confirm your cancel.
  4. This will stop the billing cycle regardless of payment option on file
  5. Wait. Yes, this is the part where you let the subscription you just cancelled expire on it's own. You can check the information about the subscription to see the exact date. During This time your subscription will still be set as "active" and green colored. Because you still have full access until the upcoming billing cycle. 
  6. Once the subscription reaches the expiration date you will see the message and button to "re-subscribe". Click and select the other payment option. Thats it!

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